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Agostino "Augie the Midget" Tramonti was the younger brother and consigliere of Carlo Tramonti. He was known as "Augie the Midget" due to his short height.


Agostino started out as an enforcer for his older brother and eventually was put in charge of the Tramonti family's drug trafficking operation. He became the consigliere to his brother in the early 1960s after the death of his uncle, and was known to have a calming influence on Carlo, even after he was extradited from the United States. After his brother was killed by Corleone family henchmen, he became the new head of the Tramonti family.

A few years later he died in suspicious circumstances, just before he was supposed to appear in court for his alleged role in the assassination of President James Shea. He was succeeded by Matty Parisi.